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10 Reasons Why Sales Should Use Twitter

May 6, 2011

1.    Track a contact (many executives use Twitter)
2.    Way to know who they really are, who they follow, who follows them and who they have the most interactions with.
3.     Opening for communicating with them and possibly getting an appointment. You may want to send out a tweet mentioning their company or products and see what happens.
4.    Great way of knowing what is being said about them, their products , employees
5.    Track competitors
6.    Know what is being said about the competition from their customers, employees and vendors
7.    Learn about their product from who follows the brand and by what they say about the brand – possible lead for you.
8.    Great way to track positive and negative feedback about your company and the competition
9.    Research who really is on top by the value of the content in the tweets and number of RT (retweets) and responses
10.   Great  way for you to show your expertise in what you have to offer through your own tweets and answers to questions by folks who find you and or your content  interesting

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