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Best Tools to help the sales team garner BtoB prospects

July 14, 2010

The vendors mentioned below are placed in no specific order and I’m not making a recommendation but letting you know about current best products on the market.  If any of you have used or are using one or more of these tools please let other readers know your thoughts by commenting on the post. Thanks, Courtney

1)      Hoovers

Good for building company target list

2)      OneSource

Good for building company target list

3)      Jigsaw

Comprehensive list of contacts within target list providing phone # and email address

4)      InsideView  (

Sales 2.0 and social CRM

5)      ZapData   (

A D&B Company offering good for building company target list

6)      NetProspex  (

User provided business contacts (varified) with phone and email addresses

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  1. July 14, 2010 4:26 pm

    Most of these sources provide static/dated information. That may be OK. But Broadlook Technologies provides a suite of really excellent search tools that scour the entire internet for current information on contacts, and it’s done incredibly fast and thoroughly.

    Rather than just provide names, title, company, address, phone, etc., their Profiler X tool, for example, pulls a list of contacts based on very specific criteria that you can enter, and then pulls the above information, PLUS related SEC filings, blog entries by that person, their e-mail (if found), articles they’ve written or appeared in, conferences they’ve appeared at or attended (if that’s on the internet), Tweets, and a whole lot more. You basically get a complete profile on the person for every bit of publicly available information available on the person. Oh, and it’s easily downloaded into Excel, or many popular CRM applications such as I highly recommend checking this out because it blows away the data that a traditional list vendor can provide and it’s done on an annual license fee for the software, so you can continually search for fresh data.


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