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Sales Management Pet Peeve: Loose Lips Sink Ships!

January 28, 2010

Quick Tip:

I’ve been on many a sales call where sales people make the mistake of talking about the meeting they just had in the building of the prospect/client they just met with or they talk about it in some other public place without thinking a second thought about privacy. One place they seem to think they can talk freely in is the elevator –  even if other people are in it.  In no case should you ever talk about the meeting in the building where you had the meeting and you should never talk about potential deals in public places where others can hear you – including your own building. Many a deal has been lost due to careless communication in earshot of people who might find your product a threat, etc.  Until you have a check in your hand and the ink is dry, keep those loose lips whispering or closed.

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