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Social Networking For Sales Professionals

April 15, 2009

Twitter, LinkedIn, Ning, Facebook, Xing are just a few of the many social networking sites where salesfolks can garner a fresh supply of contacts/prospects.  These sites give you the opportunity to  forge connections locally, across the country or around the world.  In todays economy, it just might be the best place to generate business leads which in turn could grow into paying customers.

6  Reasons to use social networking

1.) Terrific way to do research and do discovery

Garner input about your industry, company or competitors that may not be available anywhere else.  In the right situation for example, Twitter can be viewed as an office water cooler since it can provide you with info about your company, competitors, or prospects/clients.

2.) Believe it or not you can communicate directly with senior executives within your target market (no gatekeeper).

3.) Announce Webinars, new products, share links, etc.

4.)Hook up with similar minds and network on-line or in person at events that you would not know about otherwise

5.) Great way to self market and brand yourself

6.) Great way to display your expertise and get business or find a new job

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  1. April 23, 2009 4:53 pm

    Thanks…I recently set my company up with Twitter…..trying to get more people to follow…..

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