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Beware Favoritism

February 10, 2008

In your career did you ever feel that someone did not deserve to get a promotion, bonus, commissions or privileges? Did you think the person received the favors due to reasons other than performance? If so, you’re not alone, millions of people go to work everyday thinking this and working under unfair conditions. Favoritism is costing corporations billions of dollars annually. Successful leaders know that poor performance, envy, dissatisfaction, rumors, hostility, and resentment are just a few of the results of favoritism. They know that if you praise others by factors other than performance you will create inequality within the team and you will be seen as un-fair.
True leaders expect everyone to play by the same rules. As a good leader they are careful not to focus on personalities or hero’s because they know that they will not help those who need to learn, improve and excel.
With all of our focus on Business Process Management, Business Process Software, CRM and ERP systems we can’t software our way out of human frailty and contain the financial losses due to favoritism – so the best we can do is to hire good managers and have them mentor others.

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