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Qualities to look for when hiring a new sales person

February 1, 2008

Look for individuals with an outstanding track record of success .

They tend to: -be extremely confident -love to sell -in top 20% consistently -are self motivated -they are intelligent and creative -are good communicators (verbal and in writing) -love the challenge -honest and sincere -good listeners -analytical -problem solvers -positive attitude -do not need supervision -do not mind cold calling because they find it an exciting challenge. -they have proven to be persistent and overcome difficulties with ease.

Also look at my post “Hiring Talented Sales Pros” for additional help.

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  1. February 1, 2008 5:22 pm

    Courtney… good summary… all I would add is that great sales people are chameleons, in that they can change the way they communicate to suit their audience. The words they use, the examples, the tone, the pitch, etc all changes depending on who they are talking to… and they do it without realising it… it’s natural.

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