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10 Sales Job Interviewing Tips for Losers

December 28, 2007

1.) Tell company management how proud you are of not having killer instincts

2.) Discuss how your not the type to make a commitment

3.) Tell the sales manager that your not interested in earning more money or better still that you’ve no interest in money

4.) Tell interviewer how you kept the laptop of your last employer

5.) Lose control of your emotions and show anger

6.) Discuss how you have no interest in networking

7.) Make tons of excuses for lack of results

8.) Tell them how you really like working from home because you have other things to do

9.) Discuss how you trust all prospects to do what they tell you they will do

10.) Tell the sales manager about your lack of personal goals

Believe or not, I recently heard that a guy actually got a sales job by saying most of these things – who knew?

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  1. boris permalink
    March 1, 2009 11:47 pm

    Well then he wasn’t a loser was he? In fact he was a brilliant salesman because not only did he say all that but he still sold himself to an employer.

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