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December 19, 2007

The sales managers pain is especially difficult in Q4 because s/he needs to make their numbers for the year – so deciphering if the prospect and the salesperson are on the same page is critical. Lots of sales people have “happy ears” and try to give them to the manager who in turn wants to give them to his/her manager. You know what “happy ears” are – they are the ones that keep hearing “Yes, I’ll get the deal and make my numbers”

Here are some examples of what salespeople hear that give them “happy ears”:


-“I’ll be taking your proposal to the executive meeting next week”


-“I’ll get back to you with an answer in a couple of weeks”


-“I presented your proposal to the committee and we’ll have a go by the end of the year”


-“I talked with the prospect and they love us, he’s just going to talk with his partner before he signs the contract”


-“This time he says they are signing and the check will be ready this week”


Been hearing any of this lately? Hope you did everything to avoid mistakes and are having a great Q4 – full of success!


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