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Technology Sales

November 13, 2007

Technology Sales Teams

If your team sells software, hardware or IT services to the enterprise you will need to focus and refocus them on why people buy tech anything. Today, just to get noticed you have to offer something of real value. “Value” is a tricky word since it means different things to different prospects – sales people need to understand the prospect and what “value” means to them. Sounds simple but unfortunately it can get complicated if team members don’t get it, don’t stick to the plan or worse never got the right message in the first place.

As a sales manager you will want to work closely with marketing to establish key values that you’ve identified your prospects look for and see that they are easily conveyed across all forms of communications. If you’ve been in technology for any length of time, you know that technology executives tend to place value around reliability, scalability, compatibility, security, productivity, and costs. Your sales team really must understand all of these and which of these is most important to their buyer and tie it to your solution. Everyone in the organization must be on the same page – especially sales.

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