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Hire the best sales people you can

August 30, 2007

Sales managers should make it a point to hire the best sales people they can and avoid hiring only those that you can afford. Depending on the company your with, you may need to fight to get that accomplished. It can often be a difficult hurdle to overcome but it is one well worth fighting for. If you think you can pay low and get a high return on your investment, you’re very mistaken. You will get what you pay for. If you hire extraordinary sales people and pay them what they are worth your business will grow substantially. You will get back way more then you anticipated.

Some companies tell me how well they do without paying salespeople top dollar, and I always look at their business and see that they don’t know how much more they could generate in revenue if they paid someone well. I compare them to those companies in the same field that do spend the money. The companies that don’t hire the best are simply happy with mediocrity and frequently don’t know it. Many of the great start-up’s of the past forty years made it a point to hire the best and pay them well. That’s one of the reasons they have marquee names today. Remember that people will give back when they get.

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  1. totalsalesmanager permalink
    September 7, 2007 4:38 pm

    Your article is spot on correct! What’s really amazing is that many sales managers don’t want to hire the best salespeople because there is a fear the sales person will do better as a salesperson than the sales manager. How completely backward is that? Skimping on rep pay or massaging your manager ego adds to turnover and ultimately generates poor results. My theory was that the more successful my reps were and the more money they made the better I was perceived as a sales manager. And the more money I made. Not rocket science! Thanks for the thoughtful article.

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