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Quick Tip # 2 Social Networking for Professionals

August 8, 2007

If your not using any of the social networking sites for business – you should be.  One of the best for professionals is Linkedin ( This site provides you with the ability to let people know who you are and what you do and what you have done (current job, position and prior jobs). You can ask questions, connect to contacts you know, invite contacts to become members and hook up with former colleagues and classmates who are already members (Linkedin figures this out for you and sends you information that may be important to you).  You can make new connections through your contacts contacts. You can find out about executives that you may wish to connect with and see if you have a connection through someone who can introduce you or you may be able to make a direct connection.  Using the site can be very beneficial.  If your looking to make a connection to someone you don’t know, it’s best that you have a mutually beneficial reason to connect.  It should not be to develop a network of names and or it should not be to sell something that the person has no interest in.  You run the risk that you will annoy rather than encourage if you do these things. Do your homework before you connect. You may wish to join serveral social networking sites to get more exposure.  Make sure that you check them out in advance to see what they offer.  Good Luck!

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