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Trouble making sales guy or gal on your team?

August 4, 2007

You know them, they give you a hard time, are disruptive, overbearing and demanding. You have to put a lot of energy out to keep them under control. Many are producers – so management keeps them but at what price? Here are a few. Do you recognize any of these types or combinations?

“Chatty Kathy” (male or female). They constantly talk negatively about customers, prospects, management, employees. They spend an inordinate amount of time complaining. You can bet that they are bad mouthing the company when they are out at a customer site.

“The Terminator” This salesperson is overly aggressive, arrogant, a bully and generally so overbearing that customers are intimidated and buy just to get rid of them or call management to get the creep off their back. They can also be found interfering with partners and peers accounts.

“The Sleezer” Will tell a prospect anything they think he/she wants to hear. They can go so far as to invent products and services that you don’t have and never will and sell them. They will make changes to contracts and provide you with misinformation, etc, etc.

“Sleepwalker” Late for meetings, never completes requested information and refuses to fully learn about the products they are selling – no interest in the details.

“The Looser”- Has a drug or alcohol problem and you and the team over protect and pick up the pieces frequently

If you have one or more of these types on your sales team, you need to seriously think about getting rid of them – even if they are producing. All of these types are totally unprofessional and a hindrance to the companies long term growth. They will ultimately hurt your reputation, your companies and provide a morale problem for the team. You need to have a serious talk with them and if things don’t turn around within a certain period of time, let them go. There are far too many good sales professionals out there that can do the job well and without the baggage.

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